Acide cannon gear
Acid Cannon, much like Glob Launcher, is a long range aoe DOT weapon that debuffs those hit with its glob. Acid Cannon is however a much more deadly variant, with a harsher armor debuff but shorter duration.

AOE DOT debuff and damage


Much like glob launcher, acid cannon can be used for farming and eliminating spawns. It is however much more useful for all-in compositions with high burst damage, allowing for a higher amplification of damage from its higher armor debuff that can be fitted in the short duration of acid cannon. However, keep in mind with the higher debuff also means a higher penalty if your allied rigs are standing in acid cannon and your enemy happens to land its abilities on you.

  • Acid cannon equipped
    Severe debuff application
  • Long range
  • Good for farming
  • Short duration
  • can damage and debuff your own units
  • Reposition your enemies in their own acid
  • Constantly move so it is harder for them to aim their acid