Assault plasma equipped


The assault plasma rifle is a closer range, better scaling version of the Plasma Rifle. While keeping with many of the core aspects of the Plasma Rifle, the Assault Plasma Rifle sacrifices range for attack speed, cooldown for increased duration, and early game damage for late game damage.
Assault plasma gear
Damages a single target.


The assault plasma rifle is an ideal part of anti-tank arsenal. With its higher attack speed, the Assault plasma rifle is more adept at taking on tanks in poking teamfights, allowing for an faster application of its slows. Classes that rely on close range, such as gunners with supercharger builds, and tank dependent builds will find assault plasma rifle kiting a frustrating tactic. Combined with mobility gear like the thrusters or booster, a gunner utilizing this weapon can draw enemy attention away from farming hives while minimizing risk to itself. This type of harassment can easily bait your enemy out of position or cause the enemy to fall behind in levels. Assault plasma is ideal for Ace as it makes use of both the close range rapid fire of assault plasma, as well as Ace's passive, which gives Ace additional armor at close range.


  • Rapid fire allows for a steady slow on multiple targets
  • Great harrassment tool minimizing risk
  • Scales well into the late game
  • Ideal hit and run weapon for drawn out fights and poking at enemy
  • Makes 1v1 against tanks easy with the proper micro, which can force a tank to retreat for healing allowing the rest of your team to take objectives or engage squishier enemy units.


  • Less range than the plasma rifle, meaning higher risk against enemy gunners and requires higher risk kiting.
  • Lacks burst damage as well as aoe making it less useful in fully engaged teamfights
  • Against gunners with higher DPS weapons or longer ranger weapons the Assault plasma can lose out
  • Slow is not as useful as burst damage/high dps for farming hives. The assault plasma gun is catered more for pvp.


  • Tanks can mitigate the CC such as the plasma assault rifles slow using crumple panels, drawing fire to allow other units to chase down or hit the gunner
  • Fight fire with fire. CC such as stuns from supports or slow from mass fields can allow tanks and other units to close the gap and prevent kiting
  • Another counter for tanks is to use initiation gear such as bull rush to close the gap quickly and use slow weapons such as slaggers or pulverizers to prevent escape.
  • Gunners typically have similar range, mobility, and DPS. A gunner with high DPS and/or burst damage can quickly melt gunners equipped with assault plasma guns.
  • The Plasma Rifle outranges the Assault plasma rifle and out damage's the Assault plasma rifle until late game. Use this to establish early game dominance and capitalize on this advantage.