Battlecry gear
Battle cry is a gear that can be activated to provide a mid game armor and speed buff. Battle cry can be used to either compliment tank heavy compositions, or help mitigate weaknesses in squishier team comps. AOE damage weapon.
Battlecry equipped


Battle cry is a mid game active buff especially useful for teamfights, but can also be useful for other applications. Battlecry is increasing the two stats that are most critical to survivability, armor and speed. The increase in maneuverability allows your team to outflank, escape, engage, or disengage the enemy team. Complimented by the added armor buff, this gear if utilized correctly can be a deciding factor in teamfights.

  • Buffs both of the most critical stats for survivability
  • Applies to the entire team
  • Buff stays on teammates even after gunner dies
  • Can be used to execute a variety of maneuvers
  • Limited amount of time for aura
  • better used in longer fights
  • Burst damage mitigates the amount of time battle cry buff can be taken advantage of
  • Strengthens team as a whole but gunner itself is not as strong
  • Poor gear for 1v1s
  • Disengage after battle cry. It is on a fairly long cooldown so when you reengage the enemy team will be abit weaker
  • Try to split up the enemy so if they are forced to activate it, it affects a minimal amount of rigs
  • Utilize a burst composition rather than a drawn out composition to minimize the length of time the buff can be utilized
  • Stun the enemy gunner and focus it down before it can use battlecry