Boosters gear
The late game variant to the thruster, the booster provides a dash on a low cooldown, allowing the gunner to hard engage with burst damage and dish out DPS, and dash out just as quickly. The booster sacrifices early game mobility for late game tactical dominance.

Active Mobility.


While sacrificing the early game safety and mobility of the thruster, boosters provides late game mobility that, with the proper tactical implementation, can execute a wide range of strategies. Leveling at level 4, it is important to either level quickly to unlock the booster, or keep the gunner safe behind your front lines until it can be leveled. Boosters are especially useful for baiting and harrassment, as its low cooldown is on a short enough cooldown to engage and disengage fights quickly. One strategy is to begin loading up cores to draw in the enemy team and escape as they arrive. Doing this repeatedly keeps the enemy from finishing objectives and allows your team to out farm the enemy team, or complete objectives such as Sergeant slaughter with minimal competition.


  • Low cooldown allows for flexibility in tactical use.
  • One of the best mobility gear in the game unrivaled by any other mobility gear in terms of distance and cooldwon
  • Excellent for baiting and dodging multiple gear abilities


Boosters equipped
  • Unlocks late game
  • Sacrifices early game mobility and safety
  • Many of the same disadvantages of the thruster, including dashing into flanking enemies


  • Due to its late level unlock, the gunner is especially vulnerable to CC and counter mobility gear
  • Use early game weapons to carpet the enemy gunner to get early kills and slow down enemy farming
  • Use superior vision to catch the enemy gunner resulting in an easy kill
  • Use CC to pin down the gunner, and/or burst damage to quickly kill the gunner after it unlocks boosters
  • Surround the enemy team to leave it few places to run, or catch the enemy team in a corner