Capacity overload equipped


Capacity overload is a stun with significant range. It's effect increases the further away you cast it, increasing in both stun time and damage. Due to its dependence on distance traveled, it can have a high range of utility for a variety of situations.
Capacity overload gear
Damages and stuns a single target.


Capacity overload is an ideal ability for sniping with CC. With the added bonus damage and stun the further away it is fired, it can result in a devastating blow to enemy rigs. Capacity overload can also be used at close range to cancel out channeled abilities such as pulverizer, or cancel uploading rigs. It can be used to slow an enemy retreat even if it misses, as enemy rigs may have to use mobility gear or stop in their tracks to avoid capacity overload. The slow moving projectile can be both a blessing and a curse, blocking off small corridors even if it misses, or making it easy to dodge.


  • Significant range
  • Potentially long stun and heavy damage
  • Large projectile
  • Slow moving projectile (both good and bad)


  • Somewhat long cooldown
  • Slow moving projectile (both good and bad)
  • Less effective the shorter the range
  • Difficult to utilize long range with its slow movement allowing for ample time for preparation


  • Mobility can make capacity overload very easy to dodge from long range
  • Decent microing can also make it an easy ability to dodge
  • Use the tank to bodyblock capacity overload from hitting squishier more vulnerable rigs.
  • Keep an eye out for capacity overload, from long ranges it is easy enough to dodge with normal movement speeds, even tanks.