Chaff salvo gear
A low cool down vision ability, Chaff Salvo is a useful boost to the vision you receive from vision towers, able to to scout out vision tower blind spots as well as areas where vision has been lost. It can be useful for catching the enemy off-guard, or keeping your team from being caught off guard. The above average stat boost in movement speed compliments this gears specialization in positioning and map control.

Active AOE vision.


Chaff Salvo sacrifices damage, armor, and speed for intel, and if utilized effectively can be used to covertly complete objectives, as well as catch the enemy rigs out on their own, or catch them out of position. The intel you receive from this increased map vision can allow you to reposition your rigs to target the most vulnerable enemy rigs, or to help aim aoe attacks at blind spots. Long range aoe weapons such as rocket cluster or the howitzer can land their attacks without advertising their launch using the additional vision from chaff salvo to set up an ambush and keep the enemy rigs from returning to the safety of their base.


  • Can be used to scout out areas blind to vision towers
  • Can be used as a precursor to long range weapons such as the rocket cluster to minimize the amount of time the enemy team has to react to the attack due to eliminating the visual and sound of the gunner prepping and launching its attack
  • Can be used to instigate or prevent ganks and outflanking
  • Can be used to snipe or last hit hives to steal experience or buffs
Chaff salvo equipped


  • Provides no hard combat buff in fights
  • Relies on player tactics and initiative rather than combat bonuses
  • Short duration
  • Can be seen by enemy player


  • Keep an eye out for the salvo flair and prepare for abilities and engagement after
  • Switch up the positioning of your team as the enemy will probably approach you from the weakest point that they saw you arranged
  • Look for the direction in which the salvo was launched as an indicator of where the enemy team is. It can tell you almost as much about them as it can about you
  • Gain and maintain map control from vision towers to maximize the area they need to reveal