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A mobile, high dps class, gunners can melt enemy units but require abit of protection. Their mobility makes them versatile both offensively and defensively. With a significant health pool and heavy armor plating, tanks can not only draw enemy fire, but provide moderate crowd control and formidable initiation. Supports provide a wide array of buffs and debuffs that allied Rigs can capitalize on, accentuating your teams strengths, and helping to mitigate your weaknesses.
HP Hitpoints 500 HP Hitpoints 700 HP Hitpoints 575
Armor Base Armor ARMOR Base Armor ARMOR Armor
%DR % Damage Reduction 32.4 %DR % Damage Reduction 40.5 %DR % Damage Reduction 34.2
LOS Line of SIght 32.5 LOS Line of Sight 25 LOS Line of Sight 27.5
SPD Speed 8 SPD Speed 7 SPD Speed 7
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