Conductive spike gear
Conductive spike is a useful both as an escape but also as a kamikaze engagement gear. It is useful in that it can serve as hard engage gear for a class typically associated with ranged dps and fragility. This gear synergizes very well with the supercharger build.

Passive AOE stun


The conductive spike fits in a similar unique category with the supercharger. While commonly used on normal compositions as a last second escape tool against classes like the tank, or used as a stun to give an edge in 1v1s, the conductive spike is especially suited for the unique supercharger build. The supercharger's amplify causes the gunner to deal close range aoe damage, usually placing the gunner in dangerous positions to maximize its damage output. Using the supercharger gunner as a suicide glass cannon can therefore be one of the best ways to utilize many of its gear. The conductive spike's aoe stun, for example, and not only extend the amount of time supercharger is in effect, but provide your own team time to reposition and reengage as well as keeping fleeing units from getting away. With its existing proximity to enemy units because of the superchargers, this already places your gunner in an ideal position to utilize conductive spike.


  • Works well with superchargers to maximize its aoe centered build.
  • One of the few aoe stun abilities, both inexpensive and unlocked earlier than others
  • Can serve as an escape weapon or give you an edge in 1v1s
  • Great for any close range build


  • Can only be activated at 20% health
  • Places your gunner dangerously close if the full potential of the gear is to be used
  • Is used automatically and gives no advantage or usability while health is being lowered to 20%
    Conductive spike equipped
  • ineffective against long range units or compositions that can stay out of range of the conductive spike
  • Long cooldown


  • Conductive spike is mainly a close range effect, so kiting a supercharger build is relatively easy if boost is taken out of the equation
  • Whittling down the gunners health should be easier than usual without any real added combat advantages before 20% hp on the enemy gunner
  • Has a 2 minute cooldown, mitigating a significant amount of the supercharger builds effectiveness after death, engaging the enemy frequently while conductive spike is on cooldown can provide a competitive advantage