Crumple panels equipped


Crumple panels are a versatile body gear, able to block multiple instances of damage. It is an ideal escape tool, as well as an ideal gear to absorb burst damage and high dps output.

Crumple panels gear

Absorbs damage.


Crumple panels are ideal for both squishier tank builds as well as tanks focusing on absorbing damage. Since crumple panels is not effected by how much damage is inflicted with each instance of spells and damage, it can be put to very good use absorbing the impact of high damage abilities such as bombard array. Keep in mind however that each grenade from abilities like bombard array counts as one instance of damage, and if equipped with inferno rounds, the DOT damage left on the ground where each grenade lands also counts as their own individual instances. In addition, crumple panels does not block on hit effects, such as CC or debuffs from passives such as Vanguards -2 armor debuff. Crumple panels can be great for baiting out high cooldown abilities on the enemy team, as well as escaping enemies or leading them on a chase. Gear such as sludge tanks and pilots like knockout, equipped with sludge panels, can allow for deep penetration into the enemy territory, interrupting farming and level disruption. It can also be useful for maneuvering into the enemy back line and zoning out DPS rigs.


  • Blocks multiple individual instances of damage regardless of amount of damage
  • Great for escaping and aggressive engages and zoning
  • Ideal for allowing squishy tank builds to maintain the ability to absorb some high damage output
  • Relatively low cooldown


  • Does not absorb CC
  • Instances of deflected damage can be wasted on low DPS effects such as instances of DOT damage, or high attack

speed weapons

  • Can be baited out and wasted if an engagement does not happen


  • DOT effects such as inferno rounds can pop crumple panel absorption instances
  • Low damage high attack speed weapons can quickly waste away crumple panel absorption instances
  • Simply disengaging once the ability is used and waiting out the effect can waste the ability and leave tanks vulnerable
  • Use CC to cripple the tank to be able to quickly apply auto attacks or low value instances of damage and leave the tank vulnerable