Disruptor cannon gear

Disruptor Cannon is a variant of pulse cannon, functioning more as a nuke than its more CC oriented counterpart. It provides a mini stun of .5 seconds, but hits for a whopping 300 damage.

Single target nuke and CC.


Disruptor cannon is great for locking down on single targets, much like pulse cannon. However disruptor cannon is much less dependent on other rigs abilities for damage to capitalize on its stun. While it can still interrupt and stun enemy units and rigs, it provides a far shorter window of opportunity to land abilities. It does however deal a very significant amount of targeted damage, allowing for a guaranteed amount of significant damage. This weapon, along with pulse cannon is ideal for locking down rigs with a heavy amount of level investment.

  • Heavy damage
  • Targeted reliable ability
    Disruptor cannon equipped
  • Interrupt
  • Stun is very short
  • Relatively long cooldown
  • Very slow farming time
  • Late game unlock
  • Relatively Short Range
  • Take advantage of the subpar farming abilty of disruptor cannon and gain early advantages counter jungling and stealing hives, as well as engaging in early game teamfights
  • Healing and disengages can be a great way to mitigate advantages of disruptor cannon
  • Abilities like crumple panels still counts disruptor cannon's ability as one instance of damage, allowing you to mitigate the damage nuke it applies