Drag wave gear
Drag wave is a large aoe CC that slows, stacking over time to up to 120% slow. It can be a great way to mitigate the engagement potential of the enemy team, as allow for quick adjustments to positioning while minimizing the amount of re-positioning the enemy team can execute. AOE slow


Drag wave is an aoe slow that can effect the battlefield on a large scale, with an aoe slow field that effects a significant area. It is very useful for re-positioning, both for pushing advantages and finishing favorable fights, as well as disengaging unfavorable fights. It can also be used to hold back enemies advancing on an objective, such as slowing down the enemy team from reaching a last vision tower being captured by your rigs. It has a variety of uses in various situations. The slow if fully applied can put the enemy team at a standstill, completely turning late game fights but requiring a heavy investment in levels.


  • Large area of effect
  • Can slow an entire team, very significant amount of slow
    Drag wave equipped
  • Good for complimenting difficult to land skillshots, cc, and damage attacks
  • Short cooldown


  • Short duration
  • Very Late game unlock
  • Almost useless for farming hives


  • Burst movement and dashes are unaffected by slows, it can be a great way to escape the area of effect for drag wave
  • Counter their slow with your own to mitigate the amount of repositioning advantage the enemy team can capitalize on
  • Try to flank and spread apart to limit the amount of rigs drag wave can hit/effect