Emergency Reserves provides an significant boost of health when the mechanics health is low.
Emergency reserves gear
Passive Self Heal


Emergency reserves is a passive heal that is automatically activated, making it well suited for low control and low micro compositions. It can also be used to bait out enemies that try to kill the mechanic, focusing fire on finishing off a seemingly weak rig, which can provide avenues for the escape of other rigs, or the destruction of enemy rigs. This health boost can be complimented by additional armor or damage mitigation to capitalize on the boost of health. It can also be used on mechanics that sacrifice health for advantages, such as Turbines ult, to mitigate the disadvantages of the self damage aspect of it.


  • Passive, automatic activation
  • Significant heal at a low level
  • Good for baiting out enemy abilities and damage


Emergency reserves equipped
  • High cooldown
  • Cannot control when activation occurs
  • Lacks the utility and cc of other gears


  • Don't focus the enemy mechanic
  • The mechanics sacrifice of health over utility means you can capitalize more safely with your repositioning and cc