"It's a flammenwerfer.  What does it do?  It... it werfs flammen" - R. Fiedler, Gear designer, Song Industries

Flamethrower gearcard

An AOE DPS gear for tanks, the flamethrower is a versatile piece of gear

that is not only exceptional at clearing hive camps and spawns, but inflicts a notable amount of damage to enemy rigs. The flamethrower insures that your armored tank won't be ignored as an unsubstantial meat shield. Deals significantly more damage when units are also affected by slag, as well as applying slag stacks when amplified.

Damages units in front in a cone.


Flamethrowers mesh well with other tank weapons, and with the proper team composition can deal out a very significant amount of damage. Combined with an already sturdy pool of health, flamethrowers can turn tanks into dps monster.  


  *  Combined with another tank equipped with 

  *  Is effective at destroying early hive spawns, allowing tanks to solo and farm hives for early game experience without taking much damage due to its natural armor and health. 

  *  Amplified, it can apply aoe slag to enemy units and deal extra damage to slagged units

      * Gear such as Slaggers can apply their own slag stacks to apply slag faster. 

      * Use a fast tank like Knockout to slow units while applying slag, so that slow tanks like Vice can catch up and deal huge amounts of damage.        


  *  Only damages units in front of it

Flamethrower equipped

  *  Deals significantly less DPS early game than pulverizers

  *  Damage potential significantly reduces if complimentary tank with slag application dies or is incapacitated

  *  Deals much lower DPS without amplification even if units are slagged

       * Slag bonus is not applied if flamethrower is not amplified, even if there are already slag stacks on the enemy unit


  *  Don't group your RIGS together when fighting, especially if if they have more than one unit that can apply slag.

  *  Try to kite tanks using superior speed and range to whittle them down

  *  Protect squishy units by body blocking enemy tanks with your own tank, or slowing them down with plasma rifles or utility gear such as drag wave or mass field.

  *  Bait out amplified weapons and escape using mobility abilities, then counterattack while amplification is on cooldown.

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