Flux reboot gear
Flux reboot is a gear that resets the cooldown of an allied rig. The early game version of power shunts, it has a long cooldown (more than 3 min) but is relatively cost efficient if used over the course of the game and obtained early on.

Resets the cooldown of an allied rig.


Flux reboot, despite having one of the longest cooldowns in the game, can be an invaluable gear, not only for quickly farming but also for early game teamfights. It can be used with weapons that have a high effect but long cooldown, such as rocket cluster, to utilize their high effectiveness early on. This can be used to either demolish the enemy team in early ganking and teamfights, or to quickly destroy hives on the enemy's side of the map to set back enemy leveling and cores obtained. It can be used with weapons like rocket cluster or bombard array to release a huge amount of consecutive burst damage that, if properly aimed, can instantly wipe the enemy team with minimum engagement, for example with 2-3 gunners equipped with rocket cluster, which flux reboot would be able to add an additional volley of grenades. It can also be used to extend or reposition tank's engagement gear, such as bullrush and pulverizer, adding an additional length of slow and aoe damage. This however places your mechanic in a difficult position as flux reboot requires very close range to the allied rig to use.
Flux reboot equipped


  • Can be used early game to poach enemy-side hives
  • Can be devastating in early game teamfights with used with long cooldown abilities such as rocket cluster
  • Early game unlock allows for use across the entire game.


  • Long cooldown
  • Short Range
  • Full effectiveness dependent on allied rig it is used on


  • Watch for repetitions of enemy abilites that should not be there to reengage with flux reboot on cooldown
  • Bait out flux reboot either with false engagements or force them to use it on mobility gear to escape
  • CC the enemy mechanic or zone the mechanic away from its allied rigs to prevent it from utilizing flux reboot