The glob launcher is an AOE weapon that provides moderate DOT damage as well as an armor debuff effecting ALL units, including your own. It can be a powerful weapon to help amplify allied damage, but aimed poorly, and it can lead to your own rigs demise.
Glob launcher gear
Damages a single target.


Glob launcher is a long range weapon that can prove hazardous to both yourself and your enemies. Therefore, exercise caution when attempting to land shots. In the early game, glob launcher can easily melt entire clusters of Kavash units, especially weaker units. This can clear spawns on targets such as the spawns on vision towers. This can save you time and health from not having to walk over to the vision tower or actually fight the Kavash as glob launcher has an extremely long range that can be utilized without even aggroing kavash units. . It can also quickly eliminate Kavash spawns from Hives so your gunner has less to deal with. The debuff can also amplify damage from your allied units. With its long range, glob launcher can be a great precursor to long range weapons like rocket cluster, with its aoe debuff amplifying damage. Glob launcher also stacks with acid cannon for mechanic heavy composition to significantly lower armor as well as stacking DOT damage. This can greatly amplify your third rig, so that weapons like bombard array and rocket cluster can simply melt tanks.


  • Long range
  • Applies an AOE armor debuff
  • Glob launcher equipped
    Can eliminate lesser spawns without aggro
  • Long duration


  • Can damage and effect friendly units
  • Low damage
  • Small amount of debuff


  • Glob cannon is relatively easy to see as it flies to its target, keep an eye on the skies
  • Try to reposition fights to put your enemies in their own globs