Game Objectives

Term Definition
Objectives Tasks that can be completed in game to add points to your score. If it is completed by one player then it will no longer be available to either player
Alpha Strike Achieved when a player has killed 9 Kavash Alphas. Adds 4 Points to the player's score.
Total Vision Achieved when a player controls all vision towers on the map. Adds 2 points to player's score.
First Blood Achieved when one player kills the first enemy rig of the game. Adds 1 point to the player's score.
Points +1 gained for each core uploaded, and additional points awarded from objectives. The team with the most points after 15 minutes wins.
Overtime When the score is tied between both teams, the game goes into sudden death, meaning the next team to score a single point or more wins the game immediately.

Map Features

Term Definition
AI Artificial Intelligence, controls behavior of things and characters not controlled by any character. Preprogrammed behavior
NPC Non Player Character, controlled by AI. Usually in the form of minions or monsters that can be killed for experience.
Draugr Large corporations responsible for mining cores used as units of energy by the Terrans.
Kavash Alien species hostile to terrans.
Hive NPC units that spawn around the map that drop cores and spawn minions. Hives increase in strength as the game progresses spawning more powerful minions, increasing in health, but also dropping more cores and increasing exp earned.
Minions Units in game spawned by hives. They vary in health, attack damage, and method of attack
Alpha The most powerful minion hives can spawn, usually spawned in a hives final variation. They have high health as well as high damage and use ranged attacks.
Soldier Ranged minions spawned in groups with low health spawned by hives both early and late game. Can be a problem in large numbers.
Worker Melee minions spawned in groups both early and late game by hives. They have low health and low damage, but can be a problem in large numbers.
EXP Points achieved from killing hostile units which can allow the player to level up and upgrade their rigs
Fog of War Parts of the map that cannot be seen by the player unless they reveal it by controlling vision towers or using a rig's line of sight to reveal that area. If a rig moves away from the area then the fog of war again hides that area of the map.
Vision tower Structures on the map that can be captured by having a rig standing in it's circle. Once captures it reveals a significant area of the map to that player.
Uplink/Core uploader Structure in the middle of the map that rigs can place upload cores into to score points. Requires a few seconds of channeling to complete the process.
Core Items dropped by hives ONLY that can be uploaded to the core uploader to score points for that rig's team. Only one can be carried by a single rig
Upload The act of a rig equipped with a core interacting with a core uploader and initiating the channeling effect, which when completed scores a point for that rig's team.


Term Definition
Jovians Currency in game that can be earned from completing PVP and player vs AI games that can be used to buy booster packs to unlock gear.
Premium Currency Earned from paying real currency. Can be used to purchase skins for rigs and other vanity and cosmetic items for your dropship, rigs, etc.
Booster Packs Packs that can be purchased with jovians or premium currency to unlock gears and blueprints.


Term Definition
Carry A rig equipped with high level gear in which a player invests a disproportionate amount of levels in to use primarily to win the game, using other rigs to compliment and/or protect that one rig. Other rigs are used to “carry” the rest of the team to victory, but are dependent on other rigs to get through the initial leveling process
AD Attack damage. Damage inflicted through auto attacks. Inflicts weapon damage and is not affected by ability power increases
AP Ability Power. Damage inflicted through the use of activating abilties. Inflicts ability damage and is not affected by attack damage or weapon damage increases.
Tank Rig specialized to draw fire away from it's allies and onto itself, as well as initiating team fights. Can usually deal significant amounts of CC and can cause significant disruption to the enemy team. Can usually deal low amounts of AOE damage to units around it. Tanks have the highest health in the game but are also slow.
Support Rigs that, while not having significant damage or health on its own, has gears and abilities that compliment and buffs its own team and debuffs the enemy team. Can also offer significant healing.
ADC Attack Damage Carry. A rig specialized in high damage auto attacks and weapon damage usually requiring a high level to fully utilize.
Squishy A rig that has low health and is vulnerable to burst damage. Gunners are considered “squishy”
Tanky A rig that has a significant amount of health and can absorb a decent amount of attacks. When equipped with certain gear that offers high health and armor, a rig of any class can be described as “tanky”.


Term Definition
DPS Damage per second
MOV Movement
HP Hitpoints
%DR Percent Damage Reduction
LOS Line of sight
SPD Speed
Armor Stat that can be added through gear, abilities, or natural stats that increase %damage reduction
Base Stats that a rig starts with regardless of pilot. Base stats are taken from the class a rig and pilot are categorized in.
KDA Kill, death, and assists.

Build Terms

Term Definition
Gear Slots that can be filled in build mode for each rig to give that rig stats and abilities. Each rig can equip a weapon, body, and utility slot.
Variant A similar piece of gear with comparable effects but weighted in a different way, whether it be scaling or combat style
Ultimate A unique ability that occupies the fourth slot of a rig's build. It provides a unique passive that is present all game for that pilot and rig, as well as an active ability that is unlocked at level 5.
Team comp Team composition. The classes and pilots used in a team that typically strives to compliment each other and excel in a particular strategy, for example a wombo combo team comp which focuses on burst damage and initiation.
Rig The customizable combat units pilots build and fight in.
Build The process of equiping gear and software to a pilots rig in a certain composition. It can be saved in loadouts.
Loadout The preset gear and software that is saved onto a pilot. There can be multiple loadouts for each pilot.
Spec Specialization. Rigs can be specialized to perform one function, with other gear and software complimenting this. For example speccing a gunner for ability damage and adding only software that increases ability power.
SW Software. Each Rig can equip 3 software, one class software and 2 other types that are dependent on that pilot.

Gear Descriptions

Term Definition
Active An ability that must be activated to use. A weapon that is activated deals damage based on ability power and does ability damage, unaffected by weapon damage increases or attack damage. These have a duration for its effect as well as a cooldown before it can be used again
Passive A gear that has an effect that is active all game, for example an armor bonus.
Amplify A gear that must be activated. This gear's effectiveness is not affected by ability power and maintains the weapons dependence on attack damage. It can proc effects from the weapon, increase weapon damage, etc.
Trigger A gear that automatically activates when a certain event occurs. For example nanite amplifiers which heals a nearby allied rig upon use of an ability.
Weapon Damage Damage inflicted from autoattacks. Does not affect activated weapons, but does affect amplified weapons.
Ability Power The amount of damage or effect a rig inflicts when using an ability or activating a gear. Does not affect auto attacks or amplified weapons.
CC Crowd Control. Effects that do not deal damage but inhibits the enemy in some way or fashion. For example to slow, stun, push, or pull an enemy.
Utility Abilities that provide better mobility, or other usefulness in ways that do not relate to inflicting damage. In a way it is the opposite of crowd control, benefiting yourself instead of inhibiting the enemy. Thruster is a good example providing a dash that can be used in a variety of ways.
Grenade A type of ammo that inflicts aoe damage. Can be complimented by inferno round software to leave behind DOT damage. Must be aimed and it utilized in a variety of gear such as rocket cluster and thermite grenade.
Cooldown The amount of time before a piece of gear is available again after usage.
DOT Damage over time. Damage that inflicts its full amount of damage after a certain amount of time.
AOE Area of effect. An ability that does not target a specific unit, but inflicts its effects or damage over a designated area.
Nuke An ability that does a large amount of single target burst damage. Usually with a long cooldown.
Auto attack The default attack that a weapon does on right click. Is increased with weapon damage but is not affected by ability power.
Channel A channeled ability will cause the caster to stop moving and begin channeling for a specific duration. These abilities are interrupted by stuns and moving, on purpose or forced.


Term Definition
Stack An effect that stacks allows multiple copies of that same effect to exist on a target. The effect 'stacks' with itself, meaning that the effect is repeated (added) for each stack on the target. In the case of a gear that provides a 10% Slow, that Stacks three times: If the target has all three stacks of this spell, then the total slow is 30%.
Slow Slows down the movement of an effected rig.
Slag A stacking effect that allows for more effect of a slag dependent weapon depending on how many stacks of slag an enemy unit has. For example flamethrower when activated gives units hit by flamethrower more stacks of slag, and inflicts more damage the more stacks of slag that unit has inflicted on it. If slaggers also hits that unit, because it inflicts a slow based on how many stacks of slag an enemy unit has, it would be able to deal the maximum amount of slow it could if the enemy rig had full stacks of slag.
Disarm Disables auto-attacks for all effected.
Stun Stops the enemy unit for moving or using abilities. It also interrupts channel abilities as well as uploads.
Heal Heals a certain amount of hit points on the inflicted rig.
Pierce Ignores a certain amount of armor on the enemy rig. Does not decrease enemy rig's armor, but simply ignores the enemy's armor with that specific rig's attacks.
Stealth Becomes undetectable to enemy units unless revealed with flares or some other kind of gear.
Buff An effect that increases the stats of a rig in some way, or gives a rig some kind of beneficial effect, such as an increase in damage, speed, or health regeneration.
Debuff A negative effect that decreases or inhibits a rig in some kind of way, such as decreasing armor or slowing down a rig.
Aura An effect that effects allied and/or enemy rigs within range.
Health Regen The rate at which a rig recovers health passively.

Gameplay Strategy

Term Definition
Bait To lure an enemy into chasing a rig in order to ambush an enemy rig with hidden units, or to lure an enemy to waste abilities with false engagement.
Sniping To hit a unit from far away with a long range ability, either to secure a kill or last hit a minion.
Flanking To maneuver around an enemies front line to gain access to weaker backline units, or to force an unfavorable adjustment in positioning, we well as cutting off a retreat.
Focusing To use rigs to target one enemy rig or unit to eliminate it quickly, such as against a team composition that only levels the gunner.
Last Hitting To time a hit so that it is the last amount of damage needed to kill it. This can be used to steal the experience gained from killing a hive or other kind of AI unit.
Disengage To push the enemy away or retreat
Map Control The amount of the map one has control and vision over. The amount of information a team has and control of the area.
Zoning To use a rigs threat of engagement, damage, or range to keep the enemy team away from a certain area, either to complete an objective or protect weaker units.
Split Farming To split up your rigs to kill minions and gain experience separately to mitigate the penalties and inefficiencies of traveling and moving as a group.
Initiation To begin combat or force a fight. To engage the enemy team or enemy units.
Kiting To use superior range to attack and move further away and attack repetitively to avoid damage and capitalize on a range and/or mobility advantage.
Rush To dedicate all resources into completing a task, objective, or ability unlock early on. For example rushing the leveling process to gain ace's ult, or utilizing all rigs in the beginning of the game to gain vision control.
Poking Using a hit and run tactic to slowly whittle down enemy health while minimizing damage taken.
Spamming To repeatedly use an ability with a short cooldown.
Farming Route A preplanned route that maximizes efficiency in gaining experience through killing AI units.
Farming To kill AI units to level up.
Sustain Healing done outside the dropship used to extend the amount of time you can fight by expanding either passively or actively through the use of abilties both passive and active.
Ganking To ambush and kill an enemy rig.
Interrupt To stop an enemy action through CC or movement. To disrupt, using either stuns or pushing/pulling, a channeling ability such as pulverizers or uploading.
Core Mule A dedicate a rig to only upload cores while other rigs farm for experience. Can also be a rig equipped with gear or software that activates only when equipped with a core such as core hammer which provides a weapon damage aura, to make use of those effects.
Aggro When AI units engage into combat mode when players move into their range of sight/attack. Aggro can be canceled when players move a certain distance away from said AI units, though this range may be further than their initial range/sight.
Team Fight When both enemy teams fight each other
Quick Cast A game option that allows instant usage of an ability upon clicking the associated key without aiming with the mouse. Automatically aims the ability where your mouse is pointed.
APM Actions per minute.
Micro The ability to issue commands and direct all units. APM is a good measurement of micro ability.

Gaming Slang

Term Definition
Pub Stomp To completely destroy an enemy team throughout the game. A one sided game.
Cheese A team composition or rig loadout that is outside of the meta and manipulates or takes advantage of a debatable flaw. Often a surprise to the enemy team that does not have the time to react appropriately to it.
OP Overpowered.
One trick pony A player that can only play one team composition or loadout with high skill but lacks flexibility in any other kind of skill or composition
Wombo Combo A team composition focusing on dealing most of its damage and effects within the first few seconds of the teamfight, often with high amounts of burst damage.