The graphene matrix heals the rig most hurt in its vicinity when the mechanic equipped with it uses an ability. It has no cooldown so it can be used effectively when quickly using consecutive abilties.
Graphene matrix gear
Heals an allied rig.


Graphene Matrix can be very effective when the mechanic is equipped with low cooldown abilities, allowing for more frequent heals and sustainability. When coupled with an early game build, it can also allow for sustainability in early game farming, an advantage that can be accentuated as the game progresses, in both teamfights and objectives. Gear such as flux reboot on another mechanic can double the amount of heals in a composition dependent on heavy healing which can heavily counter compositions that rely on burst damage and heavy engages utilizing high cooldown weapons and gear. I can be paired up with some class software to increase outgoing healing.

  • No cooldown
  • Added Sustainability
  • Easy on APM as it is triggered
  • Low maintenance
  • Highly effective with low cooldown abilties
Graphene matrix equipped
  • Heals less than its counterpart Nanite Amplifiers
  • Limited usage with high cooldown abilities
  • No manual choice for which rig is healed.
  • Try to have the enemy mechanic waste its abilities early on so when reengaged it will have no burst healing to fall back on
  • CC enemy mechanic and burst it down to eliminate sustainability
  • Zone out allied rigs from enemy mechanic to prevent enemy teams rigs from being in healing range.