Ground pounder is a skillshot AOE root that deals damage. It is unlocked fairly early game and has a small aoe auto attack. It is ideal for teamfights and for securing other AOE skills but suffers from a long cast time and slow execution. When the ability is executed, it leads with a trail of heated flooring that does nothing to enemy units, and erup

ts at the target area.

AOE skillshot root.

Ground pounder gear


Ground pounder is a great initiation tool to set up for engage

ments and opening up opportunities for flanks, aoe damage, and repositioning. The root applied does not stun or interrupt, but does inhibit movement, so dodging abilities and soaking in auto attacks is still necessary, but also allows for the landing of difficult skill shots or abilities such as rocket cluster or capacity overload. If landed, this is a great ability to allow for the chaining of CC. Keep in mind however that the animation to cast ground pounder, as well as the time it takes for its leading trail to get to the targeted destination. In this way, the slow animation and long advertising of targeted area balances the large AOE it is able to effect, allowing time to dash out of the area.


  • Large AOE CC
  • Decent damage
  • Low level unlock
  • Relatively low cooldown
    Ground pounder equipped


  • Long animation
  • Advertises its targeted direction
  • Not ideal for farming


  • Watch for the slow raising of the hammer and the direction the tank is facing and move away from the area
  • utilize dashes and movement buffs to make it more difficult to land ground pounder
  • Don't group up your units