Healing dome equipped


Healing dome is an aoe healing ability that follows the caster, healing ALL units, including kavash and enemy rigs around it.
Healing dome gear
AOE heal.


Healing dome can be very effective at mitigating burst damage, especially against wombo combo builds utilizing gear such as bullrush, pulverizers, and rocket clusters. Because these abilities are on a relatively long cooldown, this can render aggressive engagements and initiators useless after their main source of damage, burst damage and cc, are put on cooldown. It is also ideal for kiting comps, as the fact that the dome will follow the caster minimizes the risk of applying the heal to enemy units. It can be complimented with a variety of software that capitalizes and increases outgoing heals. It can be great for sustain during early game farming and fights, as it unlocks early game while sporting a relatively short cooldown.


  • Follows caster
  • Lowers chances of healing enemy rigs
  • Short cooldown and early game unlock
  • several software increases its effectiveness
  • Great for mitigating heavy burst damage and initiations


  • Heals all units around it, including enemy tanks that reach its proximity
  • Inability for placement can put mechanic in vulnerable positioning if attempting to heal a frontline tank


  • Bait out healing dome to put it on cooldown for more effective use of burst damage and initiation
  • Do not fully commit a fight or expend burst damage abilities before enemy healing dome is activated, it can keep avenues for damage open after healing dome is finished casting instead of making your damage and initiation useless while spent and on cooldown
  • Get allied units in range of healing dome to take advantage of enemy healing
  • Because healing dome follows the caster, try using pushing and pulling abilities to separate the enemy mechanic from the rest of the enemy team to push them out of healing range