A late game variant of the positron condenser, ion cannon fires a very long lasting stun, able to incapacitate its target for a significant portion of a fight. It is a combination of a nuke and stun. When Ion cannon is fired, Ion cannon stuns enemies in a circle after a 1s delay. There is no projectile animation.
Ion cannon gear
AOE CC and Nuke


Ion cannon is a late game weapon that can potentially decapitate an entire team. While it does have a long cooldown as well as a late level unlock, it compensates for dealing out one of the longest stuns in the game in the form of an AOE shot, as well as dealing considerable damage. This can be especially valuable in locking down critical enemy rigs such as enemy gunners, as well as leaving the enemy team immobile to dodge high damage abilities such as rocket cluster and bombard array. Try to fire your ion cannon where the enemy team is headed or in an area difficult to escape from. Although it stuns AOE there is a 1s delay before the circle of stun from ion cannon actually activates and stuns, which advertises its usage. It is especially useful against slow rigs such as tanks without the mobility to move out of the circle in time or with a size too big to escape ion cannons stun circle completely.


  • One of the longest stuns in the game
  • AOE stun, able to potentially incapacitate entire enemy team for a long period of time
  • Deals considerable AOE damage
  • No projectile animation
Ion cannon equipped


  • Late level unlock
  • Sacrifices farming for late game team fight capability
  • Ineffective for farming
  • 1s delay


  • Watch for the dark blue circle from ion cannon and move out of it as quickly as possible. You have 1s before it activates
  • Don't group together
  • Mechanics can mitigate the effect of ion cannon with specific softwares
  • Anticipate an engage after stun hits so reposition your rigs accordingly.
  • Keep an extra close eye on critical squishy units such as mechanics and gunners