The Kavash


Seventy years after humans first established a permanent colony on the moon of Europa, a hostile alien lifeform made itself known, erupting from the ground and executing a widespread, attack on dozens of human settlements. This event became known as K-Day. The creatures, known as the Kavash, killed thousands of humans and overwhelmed the planet's defenses. Drauger Limited, the corporation behind the Europa colony, fought back to the best of its ability, but in the end it was forced to evacuate the planet. Since the events of K-Day, the Kavash have claimed all of Europa, including the advanced Core production facilities that make the moon so valuable. 
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Very little is known about the Kavash despite many attempts to gather usable data. Using the small cache of available research, scientists and strategists have made the following observations:

•    It is presumed that the Kavash are at least as strategically intelligent as humanity. They plan their targets effectively, carry out assaults in a highly coordinated fashion, and adapt quickly to opposition.

•    It is clear that this Kavash population did not originate on another world, at least not while humanity has been watching Europa; however, no trace of them were discovered prior to their assault on human settlements.
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•    There are no reports of a Kavash language or direct communication between Kavash, but there is clear coordination between them. The prevailing theories are that some sort of telepathic link or hive-mind is enabling their communication.

•    The Kavash appear to always emerge from the ground via rooted hive-like structures; their emergence comes in waves or swarms.

•    The Kavash are highly resistant to disease. Drauger attempted several rounds of biological warfare that looked promising but ended with the Kavash growing immune to future attacks.
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