Masr flare gear
A variant of the Chav Salvo, the MASR flare delivers a longer lasting flare on a longer cooldown than its counterpart. Good for scouting out and outmaneuvering the enemy team, the MASR flare allows ample time react to enemy movements even if they spot the flare and rearrange themselves. Ideal for firing into vision tower blind spots to gather intel on an entire corner of the map.

Active AOE Vision


The MASR differs from the Chav Salvo in that instead of bursts of vision around the map, it focuses vision reveal on a longer time limit in a concentrated area. This allows for less microing and more time to react and maneuver based on gathered intel. This can be ideal not only for cornering and flanking an enemy working on a hive, but also, like the chav salvo, serving as a scout for long range aoe attacks such as rocket cluster. It can also serve as better vision ability for sniping hives and bosses from engaged enemy teams as it leaves a longer window of vision for the area. It can also be used to fire ahead of the entrances of core insertion to alert for incoming enemies, especially in cases where more than one core is being uploaded.

  • Good for sniping and last hitting engaged hives
  • Covering a specified corner of the map, especially in vision tower blind spots
  • To alert if enemy units are incoming
  • prevent ganks and ambushes in a specified area
  • Masr flare equipped
    Good synergy with long range weapons such as the rocket cluster
  • Less useful for map vision of multiple areas of the map
  • Offers no hard combat advantages
  • Relies on player tactics rather than actual combat abilities
  • Enemy team can see flare
  • If you see an enemy flare while fighting an enemy boss or hive, either burst it down quickly or if that is not possible stop attacking.
  • Prepare for a fight if you see the enemy flare, or move out of its sight range. Use the MASR flare's inflexibility to your advantage
  • Attack from areas not covered by the MASR flare
  • Watch for where the MASR flare is fired from to predict the position of the enemy team