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During the earliest stages of Drauger's colonization of Europa, massive mobile drill and excavation systems were developed to address the company's demand for Core energy. These automated moving platforms, known as "Juggernauts", were immense in size (approximately 5,000 meters wide and 10,000 meters deep) and used their primary auger to travel through miles of thick ice and subsurface ocean to reach Cores at the source. Over the years, engineers and laborers built dwellings between the platform's many vertical levels, creating a vast, vibrant city that now sits abandoned.```
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Mind the Gap

Located miles beneath the ice, the EC1 Genesis Platform was built as an agricultural research station to test the effects of reduced gravity on organic plant life. The facility was largely automated and continued to operate long after Drauger Limited abandoned Europa. Decades later, it has evolved into a wild, overgrown environment teeming with strange new strains of life and swarms of Kavash.
Mind the gap
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