Martyr's Boon is a powerful aoe heal that heals allied rigs, but at the expense of a hefty chunk of health of the casting mechanic. It unlocks early game and has a relatively short cooldown.
Martyrs boon gear
AOE heal.


Matyr's boon can provide a significant source of burst healing to allied rigs, especially in teamfights, at the cost of its own health. The mechanic being a supportive class, it sacrifices the health on a lower priority rig to heal high priority rigs such as damage dealers or tanks. The health sacrifice can be softened by a variety of software, including ones that heal the mechanic when it casts outgoing healing, or increase the health gain of outgoing healing. This burst healing on only allied units makes it a versatile gear.


  • Early game unlock
  • AOE heal of only allies
  • Great for teamfighting
  • Negatives can be mitigated by complimentary software
    Martyrs boon equipped
  • Good source of burst healing


  • Sacrifices mechanic health
  • Early game tradeoff in healing is not significant, gains effectiveness and advantageous tradeoff as level increases


  • When martyrs boon is cast, try to burst down and finish off the enemy mechanic
  • Try to seperate the mechanic from the rest of the team when you anticipate its activation