Mass field is an aoe slow, the early game variant of drag wave. It applies a significant slow in a large area for a decent amount of time.
Mass field gear
Damages a single target.


Mass field is an AOE slow that unlocks relatively early and has a short cooldown. Mass field is ideal for early game fights and low level investment rigs, providing a significant cc ability at a low cost. Mass field can be used to compliment engagements, escapes, and chases, inhibiting rigs that are specced for speed. It can however be easily escaped by dashes such as thrusters, boosters, and bullrush, as these are not effected by slows.


  • Unlocks early
  • Large AOE
  • Good slow
  • Relatively long duration
Mass field equipped


  • Cannot disrupt
  • Dashes are unaffected


  • Use dashes such as thrusters, boosters, ramjets, and other ability movement to escape the AOE of mass field
  • Wait for mass field to go on cooldown before engaging
  • Spread out your rigs to minimize the amount of rigs affected by mass field