• Core Upload: 10s
  • Delay between uplinks: 1s (The uplink needs to cool down for 1s after a cancel/successful uplink)
  • Taking Vision Tower: 12s (100%), 6s (50%)


  • Hive respawn: 2 min
  • Boss respawn: 2 min
  • Boss powerup duration: 90s (1.5 min)
  • Kavash respawn: Once a Hive is aggro'd by a player, the hive will immediately spawn waves of kavash.

Additional waves of kavash will spawn at :00 and :30 on the actual game clock, this timing is not hive-specific but instead global for all aggro'd hives.

Pilot respawn

  • Max. pilot level 1: 30s
  • Max. pilot level 2: 35s
  • Max. pilot level 3: 40s
  • Max. pilot level 4: 50s
  • Max. pilot level 5: 60s

Pilot respawn timer depends on the rig with the highest level.

Mind The Gap

  • Jumppad (Mind The Gap): 1.8s (Airborn time)

Jump pads will move a unit at a fixed 33.3 m/s, so if the distances between jump pads ever change, so would this timing