Pandora Rig


Pandora is like many other young Europans: a refugee of her homeland and a victim of forces out of her control. She is part of a generation thats spirit has all but died. They have ever only seen Europa from orbit, and they live a life of depravation under Draugers oppressive and hastily implemented resettlement programs. What makes Pandora different from others of her kind is an overwhelming desire to fight hack, a will to change the future for the better.

Ratherthan continue her education with he members of the House of Proof, the influential European science guild, Pandora chose to leave the caste system altogether in favor of the ragtag political movement known as the Exiles, which opts for open unrest against the oppressive regime of Drauger Limited: despite the Europans' distaste for violence, the Exiles have declared a shadow war against the corporation responsible for their plight. Pandora was not content to atch as others fought her battles, so she joined the Exiles, becoming a pariah in the process. Luckily, the cause is enough.

Pandora has high hopes for the Exiles' efforts to end the battles for Europa and return peace to the entire system. Peers dismiss her optimism as a symptom of youth and inexperience, but they might admit secretly that she has all the charisma and ambition of a born leader.

Default Loadout

Pandora Weapon Slot Gearbox
Pandora Weapon Slot
Pandora Body Slot Gearbox
Pandora Body Slot
Pandora Utility Slot Gearbox
Pandora Utility Slot
Litany of Plagues
Pandora Signature Move
Pandora Signature Move Gearbox


Type Icon Description
Pandora Class Slot
Pandora Class Slot Gearbox
Pandora Sensor Slot
Pandora Sensor Slot Gearbox
Pandora Offensive Slot
Pandora Offensive Slot Gearbox


Level Blueprint Level Blueprint Level Blueprint
1 - - - 6 Nanite Wall 11 Thermal Imaging
2 Cloning Laser 7 Core Sight 12 Scrap Integrator
3 Matter Extruder 8 Replicating Rifle 13 Plasma Drone
4 Summoner's Husk 9 Osmotic Draw 14 Hive Link
5 Intelligence Grid 10 Quantum Mire 15 Reconstructive Maneuver