Plutus rig


The true origins of Plutus are a mystery. One day he simply "appeared" in the crowds of Exile refugees in orbit around Europa declaring himself one of the leaders of a new (some would say strange) religious movement calling itself the Paradigm. Plutus declared that he was one of the Holy Septe (Holy Seven) a secret cadre of the sect's most influential spiritual leaders. No one has even seen any of the other Six, and some believe that there are no others (and that Plutus is unhinged and that this is a religious movement with only one member).

The foundation of the Paradigm's faith is a belief that native Europans are the chosen people and the next righteous evolution of the human being. The Paradigm seeks nothing more than the recapture of Europa, ridding their homeland of the Kavash, and a total conversion of the population, by whatever means necessary. According to Plutus, Cores are gifts from the ancient race that gave birth to the Europans, the rightful inheritors of the planet. To reclaim these gifts of the gods, Plutus has chosen to view Core hunting as a front in the holy war for the future of the planet.

Piloting a special rig developed for him by the Paradigm, Plutus is oblivious to what others think of him and his religion, and will routinely exhort his squad mates to "fight for the good of the Paradigm".

Default Loadout

Plutus weapon slot gearbox
Plutus weapon slot
Plutus body slot gearbox
Plutus body slot
Plutus utility slot gearbox
Plutus utility slot
Paradigm Shift
Plutus signature move
Plutus signature move gearbox
Type Icon Description
Plutus class slot
Plutus class slot gearbox
Plutus sensor slot
Plutus sensor slot gearbox
Plutus defensive slot
Plutus defensive slot gearbox


Level Blueprint Level Blueprint Level Blueprint
1 - - - 6 Null Field 11 Core Shelter
2 Summoner's Cocoon 7 Intelligence Grid 12 Grounded Internals
3 Argus Routine 8 Lapse Generator 13 Reconstructive Maneuver
4 Nanite Wall 9 One of Us 14 Crazed Banshee
5 Core Sight 10 Quantum Invoke 15 Quantum Leap