Positron Condenser Gear
Positron Condenser is an early game aoe damage and stun ability with a 1s delay upon use. It damages in a circle and can stun multiple units. It is useful in teamfights and brawls, but its disadvantage comes with its delay as well as its limited farming ability.

AOE damage and stun


Positron condenser an AOE stun that can useful for positioning, set up, and initiation. It can be used to set up for skill shots or aimed abilities such as rocket cluster, or to escape enemies. It is especially useful for disrupting uploading rigs, or channeled abilities. It's aoe stun capabilities mean it can potentially stun an entire team. It has two main weaknesses however. One is the fact that it appears at the aimed area and signals where it has been fired, but only comes into effect after a 1s delay. This gives enemy rigs some reaction time to escape or avoid the stun. In addition, Positron is not very effective for farming, resulting in a slower level rate for your team.

  • Positron Condenser Equipped
    AOE stun
  • Early Level Unlock
  • Can interrupt uploads and channeling abilities
  • Delay before effect
  • shows animation and warns enemies where it will activate
  • Short range
  • Watch for the dark blue circle from ion cannon and move out of it as quickly as possible. You have 1s before it activates
  • Don't group together
  • Mechanics can mitigate the effect of ion cannon with specific softwares
  • Anticipate an engage after stun hits so reposition your rigs accordingly.
  • Keep an extra close eye on critical squishy units such as mechanics and gunners