Power shunts gear
Power shunts is a late game variant of flux reboot. With a relatively low cooldown compared to its counterpart, it can completely reset the cooldowns of one rig, save for a few abilities. It can be very effective on rigs with highly effective abilities that are hindered by long cooldowns, capitalizing on the advantages of those abilities.

Resets cooldown of a single Rig.


Power shunts can be used on long cooldown abilities to capitalize on burst damage abilities such as rocket cluster and ion cannon. In this way, power shunts can be used to double the effectiveness and burst of some of the most powerful weapons in the game quickly. This can win fights and disable enemies before they have time to react. However, powershunts trades a much lower cooldown compared to flux reboot for a later level unlock. This makes power shunts ideal for team comps specializing in late game dominance and teamfighting, giving up an early game advantage.


Power shunts equipped
  • Relatively low cooldown
  • Can be used with increased effectiveness on high cooldown abilities
  • Great for late game dominance


  • Some abilities are exempt from cooldown reset
  • Requires very close range to allied rig for cooldown reset
  • Late level unlock
  • Dependent on allied rigs abilities
  • No effect on passive gear


  • Capitalize on the early game to keep the enemy mechanic from getting power shunts
  • Power shunts requires very close range to execute, use movement inhibiting abilities and pushes and pulls to keep the enemy mechanic separated from it's team
  • Try to bait out powershunts, watch for mechanics getting close to other rigs to react to that rigs specific abilities or disengage to waste the reset.