Proximity response gear

Proximity response is a great passive that requires low control and frees up more actions for other abilities. It increases tankiness when near enemy rigs or hives. For a tank that relies on positioning up close and taking damage, proximity response can be a great counter that requires little management.

Damages a single target.


Proximity response is ideal for aggressive tanks to pummel into enemy rigs, zoning them out of reach of either objectives being completed for the squishy dps backline. The passive it provides allows for microing of other higher control units. It is also valuable for holding the front line against melee heavy compositions, for example tank heavy compositions. It can also be useful for higher survivability while farming hives, as many hive spawns are either engaged at close range or attack at close range. Especially effective for pilots like knockout that depend on speed but lack the tankiness of Vice, as well as weapons such as thresher flail that require very close contact.

Proximity response equipped


  • Passive, requires no activation for full effect
  • Great against tank heavy compositions
  • Good for aggressive tanks for zoning


  • Not as effective as some actives, less control needed for less effect
  • Ineffective against ranged rigs and units
  • Mid game gear, only effective at level 3


  • Ranged units do not activate the effect of proximity response, allowing them to kite effectively while not buffing up enemy tanks with its presence
  • Focus on sniping down tanks with proximity response before pushing your front line to engage the back line
  • Cancel out the effect with armor debuffs such as Vanguard's passive or shredder field to make proximity response more manageable
  • Applying ranged armor debuffs before sniping can easily melt down tanks without applying proximity response's buff allowing an advantageous engagement