Pulse cannon gear

The pulse cannon is late game ranged hard CC weapon, capable of locking down an enemy rig or unit for a considerable amount of time. It has a small auto attack range as well, one of the few tank weapons that do not have a strictly melee autoattack.

Single target CC.


With a significant stun and considerable damage, the pulse cannon is a targeted stun, making it a reliable lockdown ability if it can get into range. This can be invaluable for use against highly mobile carries especially if the enemy team has invested a disproportionate amount of levels into one rig. This can be especially useful against rigs equipped with high mobility low cooldown gear such as boosters, allowing your team to quickly burst down critical enemies. Keep in mind though that this is a high level unlock gear, and pulse cannon sacrifices the typical tank's natural ability to farm with low damage AOE attacks to destroy small minions.

Pulse cannon equipped


  • Hard targeted lockdown
  • decent damage
  • ranged


  • poor farming ability
  • relatively long cooldown
  • late game unlock


  • Take early game advantage of farming, as tanks with pulse cannon are not dependable farmers
  • watch for pulse cannon being used so you know when it is on cooldown. try to bait it out and disengage.