Pulverizer gear card

Pulverizers are flexible in that it provides a wide aoe CC in the form of a slow, as well as decent damage. However, once activated any movement will result in the cancellation of the pulverizer active. Pulverizers excel at decimating spawned units but struggle with focused damage, both against high health AI units such as hives, and 1v1's against enemy rigs. Damages and slows surrounding units


Not only are pulverizers are great offense weapon, they can be utilized defensively as well. The aoe slow from pulverizers can keep enemy rigs from getting to your squishier units in the back, while maintaining a strong front line. Offensively, pulverizers can not only slow retreating rigs, but inhibit repositioning by the enemy team, allowing your other rigs to maneuver to hit critical enemy rigs such as en

emy gunners or supports that are more susceptible to damage. Pulverizers also have many great compliments. While you cannot stack pulverizer slows, it can still stack with other sources such as sludge tanks, mass slow field, and drag wave. Stacking these slows can be ideal for landing aoe abilities and skillshots such as rocket cluster to maximize damage as well as extend the time enemy rigs are in range of pulverizer. Tank compositions utilizing mutliple pulverizers can not only extend the range of the slow, but provide additional aoe damage while maintaining a tanky composition. Abilities such as bullrush can also be a great initiating tool to place your tanks in the perfect position to land its pulverizer, while gear such as shredder field can compliment the pulverizers damage. Just make sure to activate it before pulverizers.

Pulverizer equipped


  • Extremely effective at clearing hive spawns
  • AOE slow can potentially affect the entire enemy team
  • Slow stacks with other slows
  • Large range


  • Multiple pulverizers do not stack slows
  • Immobile while executing active
  • Poor focus damage in 1v1s and high health enemies
  • Requires allied rigs to capitalize on aoe slow, as individual damage is trivial


  • Dashes can be used to quickly escape the range of pulverizers
  • Kiting can be very effective as pulverizers is close range
  • Wait for pulverizers to go on cooldown before reengaging, pulverizers are much less effective in teamfights without the active
  • stay spread out so any engage with pulverizer does minimal damage