Regenerative layering gear
The late game variant of reclamation scaffolding, regenerative layering late game sustainability in the form of passive HP generation as well as burst healing. This allows for the cutting down of time taken to return to base, as well as an extra reserve of HP for teamfights, increasing the survivability of the squishy gunner by a significant amount.

Active and passive healing.


Regenerative layering comes with the advantages and disadvantages of many late game variants of gears. Whereas reclamation scaffolding allows for sustainable, more continuous farming, the HP regeneration stacking on taking damage available by regenerative layering allows for not only sustainable, continuous farming late game, but can help more quickly secure objectives such as sergeant slaughter or boss slaughter. With the HP regen fully stacked, a gunner can heal a significant amount by the time it reaches the next boss or sergeant without returning to base. Alternatively it makes it easier for your team to engage the enemy team with the boss buff without wasting time returning to base especially if there is an opportunity to catch the enemy team in a vulnerable position, as the elimination of a boss hive creates new avenues for unseen detection and flanking.

Regenerative layering equipped
  • Allows for stacking of significant HP regeneration for increased sustainability
  • Offers a significant amount of burst healing along with regeneration
  • Allows for continuous farming and easier consecutive elimination of hives.
  • Increased resistance to poking.
  • Sacrifices mobility for increased tankiness
  • Late game limits time allowed to stack HP regeneration
  • Stacks lost on death
  • Sacrifices early game sustainability.
  • Stacks must be gained over a period of time, as a stack can only be added every 30 seconds
  • Stacks cannot be gained after burst healing
  • Before level 4, the enemy gunner will be especially vulnerable due to lack of tankiness or mobility. Use this to quickly pick off the gunner as an easy target, allowing for early game dominance.
  • Continuously killing the enemy gunner will destroy any stacks they may have, preventing the enemy gunner from making full use of regenerative layering.
  • Try not to engage in poking wars with enemy gunner to keep it from gaining stacks, burst it down quickly (either killing it or forcing it to return to base) so it cannot gain multiple stacks from fights