Repair bubble is an AOE slow that can be placed in a certain area. It heals all units, including enemy rigs and kavash.
Repair bubble gear
AOE Heal


Repair bubble is useful for many of the same reasons as healing dome. Though repair bubble heals less, it can be placed anywhere. While this makes it less mobile and leaves a higher risk for enemy rigs to move into the range of repair bubbles healing, it also increases the flexibility and strategy of its implementation. Repair bubble can be used just like healing dome to mitigate damage from burst damage and initiation, but it can also be used more easily at a range to keep the mechanic from putting itself in a vulnerable position while still healing either the front or back line. It can also be used to heal Kavash, allowing one mechanic to delay the killing of a Kavash hive and its spawns. It allows the player to increase the amount of damage dealt by Kavash to the enemy team in order to obtain cores, and its early unlock level allows for disruption in the pace of the enemy's farming route, especially dangerous or fragile routes such as single rig farming of hives.


  • Repair bubble equipped
    Can be used in a number of ways
  • Heals decently
  • Can be used to mitigate burst damage
  • Can be used at a range


  • Heals ALL units
  • Can be difficult to place if in melee combat


  • Use dashes and pushing or pulling gear to move the enemy out of its repair bubble, utilizing it for yourself
  • Bait out repair bubble and reengage when it goes on cooldown
  • Reposition your team while the enemy team sits in its repair bubble for favorable flanking