Shredder field gear

Shredder Field damages surrounding units over time around the tank as long as the enemy unit stays in range of shredder field. Shredder field further reinforces the roll of many tank builds as an tanky aoe dps, complimenting its ability to decimate hives and their spawns. It does however sacrifice armor for its ability to deal additional DPS.

AOE DPS around tank.


Shredder field is a great aoe ability for not only aoe damage, but also chasing escaping units. Without the need to stop to deal damage, keeping enemies simply in range of your shredder field is an easy way to whittle down and finish off escaping rigs. Bullrush and pulverizers are ideal weapons to pair with the shredder field. With the positioning of bullrush and the slow and aoe damage of pulverizers, shredder field can deal out a significant amount of damage. Shredder field can also be good for tanks built for chasing and aggressive pushing, such as knockout armed with spectral lash or thresher flail, allowing for consistent damage without the need to stop to apply damage or autoattack. Use ability boosting software to increase the capability of shredder field and software that allows the tank to leech health from ability power to compensate for the loss of tankiness while shredder field is active.

  • Shredder field equipped
    Aoe damage
  • DOT damage without the need to stop
  • Great for farming
  • Does not have significant damage on its own
  • relatively high cooldown
  • Not useful for early game farming
  • can be kited or ccd to mitigate damage dealt
  • -3 armor while active
  • Apply cc to tank to keep it from following your units and applying shredder field on your team
  • Don't clump together making it easy for the enemy tank to engage
  • use mobility to bait an engage, and reengage after abilties go on cooldown
  • Hit tanks with ranged damage such as rocket cluster to take advantage of the armor debuff while shredder field is active