Sidewinder frame equipped


Sidewinder gives armor against abilities, as well as granting an ability power buff when ability power is inflicted on your gunner. It not only protects against gear that utilizes ability power as its main source of damage, but buffs your own ability damage. This can be useful against an AP composition when using an AP focused build.
Sidewinder frame gear
Passive armor and AP buff.


Sidewinder Frame is ideal for rigs that are speccing for ability power, as well as rigs looking to gain some tankiness against ap damage. This is an especially useful gear against enemy compositions utilizing weapons that rely heavily on AP, such as pulverizers and rocket clusters. Stacking abilities and software that gives armor against abilties can be a great way to mitigate large amounts of ability damage, turning your squishy gunner into a tanky brawler. Sidewinder is ideal for builds that are expected to take damage and draw fire, such as the supercharger build, which can allow sidewinder to not only soak up much of the damage directed at this build that requires unusually close range for a gunner, but also increases superchargers output damage. Walking through the remnants of inferno rounds for example is a low cost way of activating sidewinder frame for the damage output boost.


  • Increases tankiness of gunner
  • increases AP damage output


  • Does not protect against weapon attacks
  • Enemy can choose not to focus you or fire abilities at you in order until after your main abilities are on cooldown to mitigate your damage


  • Use weapon attacks to easily melt the enemy gunner
  • Avoid using abilties against it, as a significant amount of its damage is mitigated and will activate an AP debuff for it.