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Slaggers gear

The counterpart to Flamethrowers, Slaggers can also apply slag stacks when activated, but also can continuously slow units. This can be a great form of AOE CC while at the same time applying slag stacks, making it a great compliment to Flamethrowers. Both weapons applying slag stacks can rapidly apply stacks to enemy units allowing your team to maximize your damage and CC far faster than on its own.

Damages units in front in a cone.


Slaggers and flamethrowers make an ideal combination for double tank compositions. The rapid application of slagger stacks from amplified slaggers and flamethrowers can transform tanks from lumbering CC applying metal walls, into tanky DPS titans. Quick tanks like knockout can use Slaggers to slow down the enemy team to allow your other rigs to get into position, which can further be complimented by abilities such as sludge tanks, or even some slow abilties from the mechanic such as mass field. With these stacking slow effects, you can render the enemy team almost immobile so you can move in to incinerate enemy rigs with the amplified damage of flamethrowers, dealing max damage against fully slagged enemy rigs. Use them as close together as possible, since maximizing slag stacks for both increases damage from flamethrowers (which also applies stacks) as well as the amount of slow from slaggers.


  • Slaggers equipped
    AOE slow with decent range
  • Applies slag stacks
  • Well complimented by flamethrowers


  • Somewhat weak damage
  • Not as effective in 1v1s
  • Slag stacks can be slow to apply if flamethrower is not present
  • If the tank with flamethrower is destroyed, the effectiveness of the build is significantly reduced.


  • Try to catch a tank for a kill or to force a retreat before engaging. One flamethrower or slagger tank is not as effective without the other.
  • Try to bait out amplification and reengage to eliminate the increased effects of amped gears
  • Ranged CC is a great way to minimize the amount of damage amped slaggers and flamethrowers scan deal
  • Use your tank and CC to keep damage from reaching your squishier units, minimize the amount of damage output the enemy team can do by spreading out or keeping damage from hitting all of your units, preferably just one.