“In the immortal words of Mark Mothersbaugh, Whip it! Whip it Good!” - Tanker Pilot Juan “Piledriver” Vasquez

Spectral lash gear

Spectral lash is very similar to its counterpart, the thresher flail, in that it provides the tank with a consistent source of frontal damage without sacrifice movement. However, spectral lash sacrifices early game damage and cooldown reduction by scaling much better into the late game in terms of active damage output than its counterpart, the thresher flail.

Damages units in front.


With a low boost in early game damage from its active, spectral lash is not as effective at early game farming as its counterpart, the thresher flail. It compensates however with a lower starting cooldown, and dps that scales much better into the late game. With its longer later game cooldown, spectral lash is better for quickly taking hives, or fighting upfront, quick team battles, but its relatively short cooldown even without cooldown reduction allows it to utilize its active during battle and to finish off escaping enemies. Like the thresher flail, it is an ideal weapon for tank such as Knockout, and is great with gear such as sludge tanks.


  • Can be used while moving
  • Spectral lash equipped
    Scales well into the late game
  • Starting cooldown is relatively short for early game
  • great for chasing


  • cooldown reduction does not scale with leveling
  • lacks cc to hinder enemy front line from outflanking
  • can only attack things immediately in front, vulnerable to kiting


  • Spectral lash is not as effective early game, use this to your advantage in early game fights
  • kiting it extremely effective as spectral lash has a very short range
  • cc such as mass field and stuns can render the tank useless both in terms of damage output, and maneuvering to protect its DPS dealers and squishier allied RIGS.