Surge amplifier gear
Surge amplifier is a skillshot stun that can ministun up to 2 targets, with damage and stun duration increasing with the projectile's distance traveled.

Skillshot stunning up to 2 enemies.


Surge Amplifier can be a great precursor to high damage attacks, as well as a great way to interrupt channeled abilities or uploads. Its multi target stun, if timed right, can serve as a vital set up to insure the landing of high damage burst attacks such as rocket cluster and bombard array. It can also interrupt channeled abilities such as pulverizers and uploading cores. In addition, it can serve as a disengage to secure the safety of escaping rigs. Unfortunately it also has a slow animation for its projectile, advertising its activation. This can be detrimental for trying to catch the enemy off guard, but can also be used as an advantage to block off a certain route of escape using its slow movement and large projectile.

  • Can interrupt and stun multiple rigs
  • Surge amplifier equipped
    Significant range
  • Large projectile
  • Longer distance traveled increases effectiveness
  • Slow projectile speed
  • Stun is short the less distance projectile travels
  • Surge amplifier has a slow moving projectile that can be easy to dodge, keep an eye out for it as if it hits it can set up high damage abilities
  • Spread out your rigs so there is less of a chance for surge amplifier to apply multiple instances of stun
  • Your tank is large enough that it can bodyblock the projectile from surge amplifier to protect your more vulnerable rigs