Thermite grenade gear
The thermite grenade is a spammable aoe weapon that does light damage at a medium range. Effective against groups of light hive spawns, it can be used for a small boost of damage against enemies as well as last hitting retreating enemy rigs. Excellent for early game farming. AOE damage weapon.


The thermite grenade deals out a flat amount of damage. While scaling less well than its counterpart, gunners focused on leveling before level 3 can find the thermite grenade to be a better alternative to the stub gun with higher starting damage and no levels needed to unlock. Coupled with inferno round software, it can be very useful for both early game farming but also dealing out dot damage to finish off escaping RIGS using its decent weapon range, which outranges base auto attack range.


  • No levels needed to unlock
  • Great for early game farming
  • Can apply DOT damage with inferno rounds to multiple enemies within aoe
  • Outranges auto attacks to finish off escaping enemies
  • Very low cooldown allowing for constant application of DOT damage from inferno rounds
    Thermite grenade equipped


  • Can be dodged
  • Stop rig when firing
  • Low amount of damage without inferno rounds


  • Look out for gunners when they stop as it usually means they are firing a grenade. Most grenades will be aimed where you will be walking so try to dodge it by walking sideways or stopped
  • When gunners try to use thermite grenade walk towards them instead as it is usually fired at you
  • Don't bunch up your rigs so they dont all take grenade DOT damage.