Thresher flail gear-0

"The Europan equivalent of the World War II mine flail, the Thresher Flail first saw use as a means of clearing areas of unhatched Kavash hive-spawn, but proved just as effective at clearing opposing pilots from the field. Phred’s Hunter’s Weekly notes, “Two thumbs up for this readily available piece of gear. Strong out of the drop, but lacks staying power forlonger engagements.”"

The thresher flail is a frontal attack that can be used while moving, both while active and for its auto attack. This makes it an ideal weapon for chasing, unencumbered by the need to stop, like the flamethrower, or remain immobile, like the pulverizer. The thresher flail differs with its counterpart, the spectral flail, in that it deals a flat amount of damage through all levels, and instead gains reduced cooldown, making it a consistent damage dealer as the game moves on, but scaling less well in terms of amount of damage dealt.

Damages units in front.


Thresher Flail has an advantage in that it starts off with a significant amount of DPS when active, allowing for quick early game farming and excelling at chasing down enemies early game. As the game progresses however, this DPS stays the same, resulting in less effective DPS relative to other weapons. However, with progressing levels, thresher flail also gains cooldown reduction. This results in a weapon that can be active quite often and is ideal for jumping from camp to camp, as by the time the tank arrives at the next hive, thresher flail will be available again. Thresher flail can be quite useful in long fights as well, as it can potentially use its active multiple times. Use it to chase down enemies, hold a front line, or farm units. This weapon works great with tanks like knockout that depend on their speed, along with gear such as sludge tanks to further compliment speed and mobility.

Thresher flail equipped


  • Can be used while moving
  • Significant early game damage
  • Cooldown reduction increases with level


  • Damage does not scale with level
  • Lacks CC
  • Must make contact with enemy, can only attack immediately in front


  • Tanks with thresher flail require very close range, so kiting them with weapons like plasma rifle can help your team whittle down tank health while essentially taking no damage
  • CC is another way to keep thresher flail from being utilized, with no ranged capability, this can get tanks stuck in a useless position
  • Blocking off tanks with a strong front line is a good strategy, especially towards the late game, as thresher flails damage falls off significantly and its damage can easily be absorbed by rival tanks
  • Avoid early game confrontation unless you have a counter, as thresher flails early game damage is especially strong.