Turbine rig

Turbine is an unusually aggressive, high risk pilot for a support, specializing in applying sharp debuffs and leeching life through damage and aggression rather than passive healing like Widget. While still able to function as a passive healer, Turbine is unique in that many of his unique gears and ultimate cost HP to use. This is offset by his passive which allows him to leech a percentage of the maximum life of an enemy slain by turbine.


You want Cores and I want money. Everybody wins!

McCray grew up immersed in the most intense form of belter culture in existence—the Eye—one of the earliest - and smallest - habitable outposts of the asteroid belt, and home to the most hardcore of the belters. Many of the long-range deep-outer-system ships berth at the Eye, and crews draw from here are invariably the the most anti-social lone wolves you are likely to find anywhere in the system. Whenever “Big John” assembled a shipping excursion, McCray was the first to volunteer, and for a years considered a pioneer, braving long voyages and pushing himself to physical and psychological limits.

However, as time began to catch up with him, McCray grew more and more paranoid of others assuming his role at the forefront of belter shipping, and he began to plot secretly to improve his physiology in order to endure even longer runs in even worse conditions. He became an outspoken advocate of radical psychological experimentation to better adapt to the conditions of long lonely space travel. Even for the anarchic Belt this was a step too far, and superiors eventually barred him from promoting or undergoing any further experimental procedures deeming it too dangerous and “a perversion of our stable Belt society”.

Of course, these prohibitions did little to dissuade Turbine. Working with disgraced, and morally questionable, scientists from Drauger’s shuttered Division of Deep Space Psych Warfare, he began performing radical experiments on himself. These procedures left him… unhinged. He soon grew dissatisfied waiting for Core profits to fund his research, and he decided to pursue the valuable items himself.

Default Loadout


Turbine Acid
Turbine Cannon
Turbine Power
Turbine Shunts
Turbine Mass
Turbine Field


Stoke The Fire
Turbine Signature Move
Turbine Ult
Type Icon Description
Turbine Rounds
Turbine Corrosive
Turbine Instability
Turbine Frame
Turbine Hammer
Turbine Core


Level Blueprint Level Blueprint Level Blueprint
1 - - - 6 Nanite Amplifiers 11 Scrap Integrator
2 Ion Cannon 7 Rugged Capacitors 12 Frame Instability
3 Pyrotic Mettle 8 Mass Field 13 Power Shunts
4 Acid Cannon 9 Corrosive Rounds 14 Atomic Welder
5 Core Hammer 10 Healing Dome 15 Capacity Overload