Twinned Coils Gear box
Twinned Coils is a formidable weapon capitalizing on it's already notable dps with a chain ability it can activate for a limited amount of time, a flexible ability that can be used both to farm and for team fighting. Twin coils can not only multiply its dps, but potentially extend the range of it's attacks further than most gunners would typically be able to, making it a great dps gear for poking. before a major fight. Note that twinned coils active cannot effect an enemy unit more than once.

AOE damage weapon.

NOTE: Twinned coils does weapon damage to the unit it is targetting and the first unit hit, but its chain lightening when it is amplified deals only ability damage.


Because twin coils extends its damage to up to 5 enemy units equally, twin coils dishes out its maximum capable damage when fighting up to 5 enemies. As enemy teams are only composed of 3 rigs, twined coils only truly shines when fighting hives. With the high single target dps of a gunner, combined with the multitarget farming capability of a tank, twinned coils allows quick elimination of surrounding spawns while melting down Hives with a gunners high DPS.

Twin coils is also useful for teamfight however. because of its chaining ability, gunners can take advantage of grouped enemies and simply aim for the slow moving tank upfront, allowing its DPS to chain to the squishier units in the back that would otherwise be out of range. With sufficient disengage and mobility, this can force the enemy to back off allowing you to complete an objective or increase map control. While dishing out less burst damage than other gunner weapons, if twinned coils can land shots throughout its duration against grouped enemies, it can match or potentially surpass other active abilities.


  • Farms minions very well early game
  • Capable of farming some hives on its own
  • Can use chaining to extend its range to squishier units in the back
  • Can be used for poking
  • Allows DPS to be distributed through potentially a whole team
  • Low cooldown
    Twinned Coils Equipped


  • Has very limited usefulness 1v1
  • Only effective if enemies are grouped
  • Lacks burst damage
  • Lacks damage output if enemies are split up


  • Don't fight grouped up to minimize chaining
  • Engage as soon as possible or flank to prevent extended poking
  • Mobile tanks can shrug off chained dps
  • CC can pin down enemy rigs preventing poking
  • Burst damage and short, high damage, intense fights can minimize potential chaining DPS