Widget rig

In a world of exploding rigs, gushing aliens, and collapsing ruins, Widget is a candlelight trying to make the world a little brighter. While other pilots blow things up and kill each other, Widget is busy making repairs, healing her allies, and generally just trying to make things a little less savage. Her passive gives her a bigger health pool than other mechanics. Despite her short stature however, she still has a little extra love to give. Her ultimate heals her fellow teammates starting from the most damaged one. Her loadout is ideal for the healing role, so she makes sure that the kids can go back out to keep wrecking havoc.


As a small child, Widget spent her long days busing tables and cleaning up at her father’s pub, a dive called Grey Star at the top level of the Skylark, a belter waystation outside the asteroid belt. Few people make a permanent home on the Skylark; the crumbling old satellite hosts a mostly transient population—mercenaries, merchants, lackeys, and scum. Despite her tough, worldly upbringing, Widget discovered peace and purpose in the unlikeliest of places: the weaponized rigs that filled the station’s hangars.

When life at the Grey Star grew too difficult, or its drunken patrons wouldn’t keep their slimy hands to themselves, Widget retreated down into the annals of the station, beneath the utility levels and the living quarters, and down to the busy world of belters, weaponeers, cyberists, and pilots. Most of the professionals—the Core hunters—were amused at her attentions, and she quickly became a mascot of sorts. They called her “Widget” for her natural abilities with tech and mechanical engineering.

As she grew up, Widget became obsessed with rig gear and its many diverse uses; she cared little for the glamorous lives of the pilots but grew more and more enamored with the special technologies they employed. Learning from the belters who passed through the Gray Star, she became a crack inventor and automator, starting as the spark (mechanic) for several legendary Core hunters, before she began to design and build her own rigs.

The next logical step was to become a hunter herself and earn her first taste of freedom sitting in the pilot’s chair.

Default Loadout


Widget Positron
Widget Condenser
Widget Nanite
Widget Amplifiers
Widget Repair
Widget Buble


Rapid Repairs
Widget Signature Move
Widget Signature Move Gearbox
Type Icon Description
Widget Rerouter
Widget Logic
Widget Internals
Widget Grounded
Widget Sensors
Widget Linked


Level Blueprint Level Blueprint Level Blueprint
1 - - - 6 Emergency Reserves 11 Satellite Network
2 Cleansing Cells 7 Restorative Downlink 12 Grounded Internals
3 Reciprotcal Restoration 8 Positron Condenser 13 Repair Bubble
4 Nanite Amplifiers 9 Logic Rerouter 14 Martyr's Boon
5 Linked Sensors 10 Graphene Matrix 15 Capacity Overload