Zealot drive gear
A more aggressive buff than the Battle Cry, Zealot drive sacrifices speed for reactive HP regen, and maintains the armor buff of Battle Cry. When Zealot Drive is applied to allied rigs, allied rigs gain a stack of HP regen each time they are hit. This can be useful for drawn out fights, killing hives, escaping enemies, and poke compositions.

AOE buff


The zealot drive is best used for longer lasting fights, especially after abilities have been used and the enemy is depending on auto attacks. It can be especially useful against weapons such as twin coils which hits multiple enemies. This can quickly help your allies accumulate stacks of HP regen. It sacrifices the maneuverability of battle cry for increased tankiness and sustainability. Zealot drive is ideal for highly armored RIGs such as tanks, which can soak up damage with their naturally heavy armor while gaining stacks of HP regen. You can also aggro kavash units such as workers to sacrifice low amount of health to gain a relatively high amount of hp regen stacks.


  • Stacked HP regen can mitigate poke comps and comps that rely on auto attacking
  • Can help whittle down enemies forcing them to return to base, allow you to complete objectives
  • Gives direct sustainability and combat advantages independent of player usage


  • Relies on amount of times hit by player while effect is on
  • Advantages are severely lowered when faced with burst compositions and quick, short fights
  • Can be wasted when activated if fight does not occur, as no hp regen is granted if allies are not hit


  • Zealot drive equipped
    Burst damage and forcing the ally to fully engage can lower the amount of time hp regen is allowed to be in effect
  • Baiting out zealot drive can waste the ability which is on a decently long cooldown, allowing you to reengage with an advantage
  • Split up the enemy team to minimize the amount of enemies effected by Zealot drive